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Monday, 20 September 2010

We are open!

I apologise for my lack of communication skills so far; as of today I will be keeping you up to date with all of our goings on. Incase you don't know who we are, the shiny shed is a new art centre in Chelmsford town centre, and we are operating as a swap shop. The artists resident upstairs pay for their space by generating work for the shop downstairs, creating an environment which is more welcoming and interactive for the public than walking straight into somebody's studio space. We are also a venue for music, performance and anything else you feel we can be of service with. Our aim is to provide everyone with a free creative platform, something which Chelmsford desperately needs at the moment.
Our unit is at 19-20, High Chelmer West, and we will be here for a month or so. After only a few days the place feels like home, the days of working in our bedrooms seem distant and the thought of moving out a travesty; but we shall make the time that we do have magical...


  1. looking forward to bringing my shiny shed decorations to the shop today :)

  2. Congratulations Holly, and everyone else invovled. It's really wonderful, and it's been excellent to be involved. Cheers

    I've posted some more pictures of it here, if anyone is interested:

  3. checked the work out on sat...looking forward to getting involved asap
    jay (fanakapan)